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Collins Rockwell 332E-4 Directional Gyro 522-3241-000 Cessna 500 501 Citation

$850.00 $1,000.00

We have for sale a Rockwell Collins directional gyro with plug. Removed from a 1971 Cessna 500 Citation with no damage. Guaranteed to pass your inspection and function. Mount bracket is not included. 

P/N 522-3241-000  M/N 332E-4 S/N 8831

 Unit is in good shape no excessive wear or scuffs on housing. Unit has plug intact ready for service and install. Perfect replacement of older unserviceable unit. 

Gyro features

Electrically driven Directional Gyro used with PN-101 Compass System

Provides dynamic or short-term portion of magnetic heading output for compass system

Electrical excitation for gyro provided by 328A-3G slaving accessory

3-wire synchro from output

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