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Spoilers Inc. Wing Spoiler System 4000-1 Pump & Panels 4014 4013 Series 340 401 410 414 421

$6,000.00 $6,500.00

Spoilers inc. wing spoiler sytem with hydraulic reservoir and side panels assembly. Removed from a Cessna 340 in working order.

P/N 4000-1,  4014, 4013, 4010

 Components look in good shape and functioning order. Show minimal wear overall, well maintained visually. Removed with no hydraulic hoses or head panel unit. Micro swithes included with side panels. Reservoir and panels guaranteed to pass your inspection.     

 Spoiler panels improve descent rate by reducing lift and increasing drag at the touch of a button. They may be deployed at any speed up to Vne yielding faster descent rates without the need for a major and sudden power change - reducing the potential for engine shock-cooling or loss of cabin pressure.

Hydraulic actuated spoilers are fail-safe with auto retract, and they are operational in icing conditions. Deployment is even under all air loads. 

May be compatible with following  

Cessna  T310R, 340, 340A, 414, 414A, 402C, 421B and 421C. check with your AP or service shop.

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