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Westinghouse J34WE-36A Turbine

$7,500.00 $9,000.00

Here we have for sale this Single Westinghouse Turbine engine removed from a Lockheed Neptune P2V. Used in many vintage, government aircraft's and jet boats.


Westinghouse J34WE-36A S/N 0025127


768.8 SMOH


Engine has been maintained by the State of Oregon Forestry service for fire team. We don't have log entries for full history on this but we have a few to last entries to make out the time.


Turbine can be good for A&P shop's, schools, demo run engine in expo's, fairs, or parts/rebuild for you project. We are selling this engine AS IS WHERE IS with no warranty expressed or implied. We can't guarantee engine as we are not a shop and can't open or inspect internals. You are welcome to come down and inspect the engine before buying. We are located in Phoenix Arizona close to Phoenix International Airport.


We also have in separate sale two Wright radial engine and another Westinghouse turbine J34WE-36A that were in the same aircraft.


We can assist with loading engine if you pick up or set up transport. Loading and handling fee's may apply. Any questions please feel free to ask, I do ship worldwide at buyers expense.

Engine is being sold as is, no warranties expressed or implied with this sale. We will need a deposit of $1000. due within 24 hours of buy it now to secure sale. Balance to be paid by bank wire, certified check, or balance paid on pick up.


Possible Application's (Check with your local engine shop or A&P IA for your specific needs.)

Fairchild C-119 Flying boxcar

Convair F2Y Sea Dart

Curtiss-Wright XF-87 Blackhawk

Douglas F3D Skyknoght, Skyrocket, X-3 Stilleto

Lockheed XF-90, P-2 E/G/H/V Neptune

McDonnell 119/220, F2H Banshee, XF-85 Goblin,XF-88 Voodoo

Ryan XFR-4 Fireball

Vought F6U Pirate, F7U Cutlass

Jet Boats

Jet Truck

Jet blower snow removal applications Commercial truck use


Brief History


The J34 was the only truly successful turbojet built by Westinghouse. The J34-WE-36 was used on the Douglas F3D-2 “Skynight”, and as an auxiliary power plant on Lockheed’s propeller-driven P2V-6F and PL2V-7 “Neptune” patrol bombers. In 1947, Westinghouse designed the 4,600 lb thrust J46-WE-3 to replace the smaller J34-WE-36. However, when the J46 failed to meet specifications, the J34 was updated as the J34-WE-36A and installed, despite its lower comparative static thrust. The only aircraft powered by the -36 was the F3D-2 “Skynight”, a night fighter used exclusively by the Marine Corps in the Korean War, which destroyed more enemy planes than any other Navy or Marine Corps type in use. Developed during the changeover from piston-engine propeller aircraft to jets, the J34 would often be fitted to aircraft as a supplement to other powerplants, as with the P-2 Neptune and Douglas Skyrocket (fitted with radial piston engines and a rocket engine, respectively).


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