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Shipping Program offered for all Aircraft parts

  • International Shipping Services
    Please ask about our Global shipping costs for each item!
  • Ship at discounted Rates
    We can offer combined shipping discounts!
  • Quality Crate Packing
    Exceptional Crate Service, for your valuable items!
  • Quality Packing for a discounted price.
    Well experienced packers, to ensure no shipping damage on your order!
International Shipping Services
Please ask about our Global shipping costs for each item!

Shipping is what we do!

No one likes a damaged shipment.  So we offer outstanding shipping service!  We know what and how to pack your valuable Air Plane Parts.
We asses why and how the items could be damaged during shipping and take shipping costs into account.  All of these factors help us to provide and offer outstanding shipping service!  We have no problem double wrapping or double boxing items, building crates and giving you the best shipping costs possible.  We honesty aim to please!

Shipping Costs Made Easy!

We Ship Internationally
As most of you know,  we have dealt with many Heavy and Large Items that need to go far distances.  "Size is the 'wallet killer' when it comes to shipping costs.  Also, we know first hand that shipping to the East Coast is usually more pricey, as well.  That is why sometimes Shipping Charges can be so different from varying locations.  These factors are why we introduced our Simple Fool proof Shipping Plan!  It was designed to take the 'Drama' out of shipping!

AZAirSalvage.com Shipping Plan:

-->WE Have Broken Shipping Down Into 5 Brackets to make it easier for all of our Customers to Understand. These are estimated shipping flat rate costs but they may vary based on size and distance.   (Applies to Continental U.S. Only) 
*Please specify if you want full shipping insurance for your unit. You can send a quote 
Shipping Costs are Done by Weight.

1-4lb: ~$8

5-10: ~$13
11-15: ~$20
16-22: ~$30
23-50lbs: ~$68
Seats, Interior, Control Surfaces: ~ $175-$425
Engines: $325-$525 Quote for Crating Option
Larger Items Such as Control Surfaces, Doors, and Interior Please Ask for Specific Price Quote.

 *Discount when each additional Items are purchased together.

We love creating Trustworthy Relationships, so if you are confused or want a better deal; Please Contact US!  Where our Customer feels like we have 'their back'!

-->Our AWESOME International Buyers!  Contact us directly for a QUICK price quote!